CD / Premium DoCD / LP / DL       Destiny-152

12 new songs, which will either delight, discomfit, give pleasure, unsettle or take by surprise all their friends, enemies and critcs to the same extend. Although irony, bad taste and trash-concepts are one of the main driving forces behind the collective, there´s more to it than just mundane and unsavory docu-soap-dominated topics on uptempo Electro-Riot-Pop hooklines with speed: Behind their chavvy hedonistic mask and mottos like "to the top without rehearsal“ or „short legs, big mouth“ you will find talented musicians and songwriters who mash up cleverly a huge music-historic heritage from late 70ties / early 80ties female punk like KLEENEX or HANS-A-PLAST to 90ties US-Riot-Grrrl-Sound and Electroclash.








01. Age of Sternburg

02. Geniale Asoziale

03. Klaus

04. Du fehlst mir (Feat. Bela B)

05. Heute Nacht

06. Dreckige Wäsche

07. Last Unicorn

08. Ich Brauch Keine Wohnung

09. Wir Werden Nicht Nüchtern (Feat. Joey Coco)

10. Verrückt Bleiben, Bitte! (Feat. Hyde)

11. Kopf/Knie

12. Loveboat Kapitän

( plus special Hidden Track)


Premium Edition Do-CD  comes with album „Iih hier riechts nach Lulu“ of side-project LULU & DIE EINHORNFARM, watch their 1st clip HERE




Line Up:   Luise Fuckface: Vocals / Kristeenager: Keyboards und Vocals / Netja Triebeltäter: Vocals / Thomas Echelmeyer: Bass / Chrü Funface: Gitarre / Roischi: Drums / Stehfanje: Vocals  / Doreen: Vocals  / Nura Uwe: Vocals  / Dr. Lynn Love: Vocals / Tanna Biertier: Vocals