TERRORGRUPPE - Inzest Im Familiengrab

MCD / 10" / DL
File Under: Punk / Aggropop


Terrorgruppe are back!

Surprisingly returning after almost 10 years of absence, they sound a little bit more trashy / garagy and have added a dirty Farfisa organ. The 4 songs on this E.P. range from hymnal Punkrock, classic Powerpop and even one Americana/Folk-style tune, the (german) lyrics are short and sarcastic descriptions of getting older, hating dumb teenagers, german politics and the city of Berlin being taken over by gentrification and easy jet tourists. Welcome back, Terrorgruppe!




- Side OPA-PUNK  -
1. Inzest im Familiengrab
2. Na endlich
- Side TEEN-POP  -
3. Bulimie-Bettina
4. Kotzende Teenager


BAND WEBSITE:  www.terrorgruppe.com