TALCO - Mazel Tov - reissue on Destiny Records

(Destiny 131/Broken Silence)

Although it seemed not easy to top “Combat Circus”, TALCO  made it with their third record "MAZEL TOV" in 2008. With increased speed and wide lyrically horizon they expanded their very own Patchanka-Combat-Skapunk to a more powerful sound, coming much closer to their exciting live-shows.

Sitting still while listening to this record is simply impossible!










  1. Intro
  2. L'era Del Contrario
  3. Radio Aut
  4. Il Mio Tempo
  5. Nel Villaggio
  6. Il Ireno
  7. Merlutz
  8. La Casa Delle Impunita
  9. Tarantella Dell' Ultimo Bandito
  10. La Mano De Dios
  11. Il Lamento Del Mare
  12. La Torre
  13. Mazel Tov


BAND WEBSITE: www.talcoska.com