File under: Hardcore / High-Octane-Skate-Rock

THE REAL SHIT IS BACK! The Crime Has Come!
Scheisse Minnelli´s second Longplayer contains 16 Hi-Speed Thrash-Punkers, a furious mixture of 80ties Oldschool Skate-Core played with a modern Fast as Fuck High Octane RocknRoll Vengeance and a straight into-your-face sort of production. It was recorded in only 2 days (!) at Musiclab-Studio/Berlin and produced by Archi Alert (Inferno / Terrorgruppe). Archi discovered the group by pure random, surfing on MySpace. He sent a short email: "U people rock, I produce music, lets make an album!" A collaboration followed immediately. This was the task: No tricks, no overdubs, no technical cosmetics, all pure and real, 16 songs in 2 days! Even the guitar was never double-dubbed or played twice, all the solos and powerchords are live from the one and only take, just like a hardcore-show or the way it shoud be ...
16 Hi-Speed Thrash-Punkers Oldschool Skate-Core Hits!

"It's bloody great, a killer and absolutely no filler! If this carries on, I'm gonna have to dust down my deck and hit the streets again...!!" - Tim / Mass Movement Fanzine U.K. (after listening to SM for the first time)

"U people rock, I produce music, let´s make an album!" - Archi Alert

"Scheisse Minnelli are one of the best Live-Bands I've ever seen!" - Mauro / Raw Power




Don't drink the viper
Tribute to Robby's liver
Sin and Tonic
Scheisse Minnelli Pt II
The shit house
Skate A Holic
When Skateboarding was crime
Run from the cops
Their plan
The joke
No respect
Trash circle pit