SCHEISSE MINNELLI - The Fight Against Reality


3rd album ;with special packaging: CD + 200pg BOOK !!! (LP on Dirty Faces)

JANUARY 7th 2011

Watch this TRAILER and you understand what´s it all about

...a 16-Song SkateCore-ThrashPunk Monster-CD with Book: the weird biography and adventures of young delinquent Mr. Samuel El Action ...skating, hardcore, drugs, crime, violence, prison, madness... great Oldschool Westcoast Hardcore / guest-appearances by members of RKL, Attitude Adjustment, No Allegiance and many more!







01. Avoid The Noid
02. Cruxifiction
03. Fighting Reality
04. The City
05. Suicide Debate
06. Haarmann
07. Religious Conviction
08. Lies
09. Buried In Dept
10. Shit, Fuck
11. Street Boozin
12. Dead Serious
13. Blacked Out
14. Lunch Box
15. Socially Retarded
16. Trippin